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Our Tuition Fees

Al-Amal School is a private school and it relies on tuition to pay for the school operation and salaries. Prompt payments on time by parents are crucial to ensure the school meets its financial obligations. Al-Amal School Total Tuition Fee per student includes the Tuition and all related Fees as defined in the year’s Tuition Rates and Schedule (Image on the right).


Tuition & Fee Schedule Notes

  1. Second and third child discount does not apply to PSEO and Pre-School students. Other fees such as Al-Amal Yearbook, lunches and field trips will be billed in advance of the events and are not included in the regular tuition and fees.

    2 Yearly tuition and fee are for regular school year. Get 5% discount on total charges by paying the entire year’s tuition & fees by September.

    3 Installment Payment: A maximum of ten installment payments are allowed in one school year for the regular school (see note below for Hifz/Ijazzah program). The first tuition and fee installment payment is due in August 2019 and the final (tenth) installment payment will be due in May 2020. For the new students starting the school during the academic year (after August 2019), the annual tuition will be divided into 9 installment. The school does not prorate the tuition fees any further.

    4 Yearly tuition and fee for the Hifz/Ijazzah program, which is year around program, are from July 2019 till June 2020. Get 5% discount on total charges by paying the entire year’s tuition & fees by September.

    5 Registration, Technology, Building and Book Fee will be charged with first tuition installment and must be paid by the due date on the first invoice. These fees are not prorated regardless of the number of months are attended by a student.

    6 Reenrollment Fee is non-refundable advance deposit and is applied towards tuition.

    7 Late Reenrollment fee of $50 will be charged if the reenrollment in not complete by March 29th, 2019, priority enrollment deadline. All late fees are additional non-refundable charges and are not applied towards tuition.

    8 New Admission Application Fee is non-refundable and must be paid before an application can be processed. Once the application is submitted, the fee can NOT be refunded.

    9 $2,000 one-time High School Entrance fee required to all New Admission student admitted in any high school classes (9 to 12).

    10 New Student Enrollment Fee is non-refundable advance deposits and is applied towards tuition. It is in addition of the New Admission Application Fee and only required after the student is admitted to the Al-Amal School. The fee needs to be paid in the timely manner by the due date to reserve the seat. If the fee is not received by the due date, Al-Amal School reserves the right to offer that spot to another student.

    Late Fee: $29.

    Non-Sufficient Fund Fee: $29

    Al-Amal school reserves the right to add or change any of the Tuition, Fees or the Scholarship amounts listed at any time and without prior written notice.

Any Admissions questions can be directed to Leila in the admission office @ 763-231-9701.

Insha’Allah, we look forward to assisting you in this process.

- Tuition and Fees PDF