Al-Amal Hifz Program

Al-Amal School's Hifz program is an accelerated Quran memorization class. Students will be placed in an environment which fosters the development of their Quranic knowledge and bolsters their need for academic excellence. This program displays the key ideologies held by Al-Amal.


Core Objectives


Memorization is where the most emphasis is placed, within the program and will depend on the ability and reading level for each student. Each student will have 20-30 minutes in the beginning of the day for revision, after which students will be called one by one to pass their lesson and to take new assignments. Each student will read the new lesson for the Teacher to make sure his/her reading is acceptable before practicing, then the student will listen to the Quran through the Surface devices in order to learn proper recitations.


The coursework within this class is cumulative, meaning tests will include material covered on past tests. To pass daily lessons, students must be able to pass the four previous lessons. Once a week, there will be a period in which previous lessons are reviewed.


Through daily practice, overseen by the teachers, it will be made sure that the students learn how to properly articulate each letter of the Quran.  On top of this, there will be a weekly theoretical Tajweed class, in which students will learn the inner working of the religious recitations we hold to high esteem.

Quranic Studies

The program won’t focus only on memorization, but will also teach the Tafseer thereof, 4 times a week. The class will cover the general meaning of the Quran and will teach the students the Quranic vocabulary words. We chose the 30th Part (Juz A'mma) to be taught in the first semester, and an assortment of other chapters (Suras) to be taught in the second semester. Arabic language will be taught through this session, focusing on Arabic Quranic words to the students understand the holy Quran.


Admissions to the Hifz Program

Admission is open to students in third, fourth, and fifth grades. Priority is given to students currently enrolled at Al-Amal School.
Subjects include the following:

  • Qur’an and related subjects (Four to five periods per day)
  • Math and Language Arts (One period each per day)
  • Science and Social Studies (Offered during summer)
  • Physical Education and Library periods


Offer a choice to parents in the Twin Cities and suburbs to enroll their children in a world class comprehensive Hifz/Ijazah program along with rigorous core academic subjects.


The mission of the Al-Amal School’s Hifz/Ijazah Program is to develop committed lifelong-learning Huffaz, who will memorize, understand, and implement the Holy Qur’an in their daily lives, and who are contributing citizens and community leaders.


  • Able to independently read from the Holy Qur’an (Kitab/Mushaf).
  • Academically at or above grade level.
  • Students must possess the personal qualities that will allow them to adhere to the program’s high standards for Islamic behavior and discipline.
  • Instructor will test all applicants prior to admissions into the program. Parents and students will be called for an admissions interview.
  • Parents need to fill out and sign the Hifz/Ijazah program application and agreement.