Our Mission:


We focus on providing our students academic excellence in an Islamic environment, fostering Tawheed, Taqwa, leadership and responsibility.




Our Mission

Al-Amal School’s mission is to produce a generation of Muslims who have a solid understanding of Tawheed and Taqwa, have a strong Islamic moral character, have leadership skills, and a strong sense of responsibility. 

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Humble Beginnings

Al-Amal school started in September of 1994, founded by a set of determined parents and community members. They desired an alternative education solution, one that could instill good Akhlaq and Islamic morals into their children. With a meager donation of $5000, these individuals embarked on a journey to create the first Islamic school in the state of Minnesota, one child at a time.




Al-Amal started in the basement of  Audrey William's home, who served as the Al-Amal School Principal until June 2018.




Al-Amal School moved into the Islamic Center of Minnesota's Fridley campus, allowing the school to serve more students.




Al-Amal School expansion resulted in an addition of science labs, computer lab, and several classrooms.


Hifz Program

Al-Amal School's Hifz program is an accelerated Quran memorization class. Students will be placed in an environment which fosters the development of their Quranic knowledge and bolsters their need for academic excellence. This program displays the key ideologies held by Al-Amal.



Memorization is where the most emphasis is placed within the program. We want to create an environment which will enable students to learn the Holy Quran. By memorizing the Quran, we hope to develop an affinity between students and the holy scripture.



Memorizing the Quran's language is only a piece of the puzzle for us. We must also include the proper methodologies of recitation, in order to properly enunciate the word of God.


The cornerstone of the Hifz program is the ability to recall previously memorized Quran. We not only stress the importance of new material, but we emphasize the need for the revision of old material.  It is important to us that portions of the Quran are never forgotten.


Quranic studies

For us, it is of paramount importance to not only teach students to memorize the Holy Book, but to also understand its meaning. For this reason, we educate the students about the Quran's Tafseer.


September 2014

This is one of the best Islamic schools in the nation. The teachers and administrators are caring and provide a wholesome environment for students to thrive and excel.

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Al-Amal School is a non-profit which is driven by the generous donations of parents, teachers and the community at large. Our never-ending pursuit of quality Islamic education translates to a never ending need for your help, whether that be financial or otherwise.


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