New Admission FAQs

New Admission FAQs

Q:  When do we begin the admission process?

The admission process for new applicants begins the year prior to entry.  Applicants can complete the pre-application process a year in advanced as early as mid-September.  From late spring the school conducts the entrance testing for the upcoming year.

Q What is Pre-Application Process?

A completed new admission form from and $100 fee can be submitted anytime a year in advanced prior to the student joining the school. For pre-school grades, health the school accepts the pre-applications as early as 3 years in advanced. We strongly encourage families to submit the completed form and fee to be part of the priority date pool for the new admission.  If the Pre-Application was submitted well in advanced, the school will contact the applicant in April to initiate the other steps of submitting the required documents and taking the school entrance exam.

Q:  When do we begin the entrance exams?

All KG to 12 grades are required to take the entrance exam.  The school initiates the entrance exams from April. Please contact the Admission Office for the testing session dates including weekend testing dates options.

Q: What does the entrance exams include for the applicants?

The students have to take the Language Arts (English) and Math test.  The tests are based on ability of an average Al-Amal School student passing the previous grade to join the new grade.  The Admission Office provides the list of topics covered in the entrance test.  The school will also offer Arabic assessment for middle and high school students.

Q:  What factors are taken into consideration for admission?

Decisions are made after thoughtful deliberations taking into account the individual candidate’s ability to be successful at Al-Amal School. The Admissions Committee looks at the applicant in the context of students currently attending Al-Amal School and the other candidates who would like to join the same grade. Academic ability, maturity, acceptance to Al-Amal School mission, and competitive drive to succeed are additional factors taken into consideration. We use admission testing/assessment, teacher recommendations, school records, and an admission interview with the Administration as tools of assessment.

Q: What are the additional new admissions steps?

Once entrance testing is completed, the applicants and parents go through the interview process with the Principal.  Please refer to the New Admission Process to review additional steps.

Q:  When will parents be notified of admission decisions?

Letters detailing the admission decision will be mailed to parents after all admission requirements are met. The letter will also highlight the next steps regarding registration and enrollment process.

Q: What are the age requirements for Pre-School?

Applicants must be 3 year of age on or before September 15 to of the enrollment year to attend the 2-day pre-school.  Children not meeting the deadline are admitted case by case basis.  Our attention to age is based on our experience that a child’s emotional maturity is often linked to age, and as children grow older, positive interaction with peers is facilitated when their emotional development is closely aligned.

Q: What are the age requirements for kindergarten?

Applicants must be 5 years old on or before September 15th of the enrollment year. Children applying for grades 1-12 whose birthdays fall outside of the cut-off date are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Q: Can we admit the student in the middle of the year?

Yes, depending on availability of space and student meeting all admission requirements.

Q:  What is the tuition for Al-Amal School?  Are there any additional fees?

Please refer to Tuition Rates and Schedule for the current enrollment year.

Q:  Does Al-Amal School offer Tuition Aid?

Al-Amal School offers limited Tuition Aid to qualifying families based on income hardship circumstances. The new students joining the Al-Amal must also exhibit superior grades GPA with clean discipline records from the transferring school.  Al-Amal School utilizes third-party income evaluation firm (TADS) for the process.

Q: How can I apply for the Tuition Aid?

Parents must complete and submit the New Admission Application and Fee before they can apply for the Tuition Aid process.  Please inquire at the Admission Office about the availability and how to apply.  Families applying for the Tuition Aid must complete the TADS process before the admission application is considered complete.  Meeting the qualification and/or applying to TADS does not guarantee that the student(s) will receive Tuition Aid automatically.