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2016-2017 Al-Amal School Supply List

PreK Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third & Fourth Grade
4 glue sticks 1 Backpack (size of a file folder & small enough to fit in the locker) Backpack (no characters or designs) Pencil box Backpack A pair of Scissors
1 pkg. Construction paper Washable markers 1 Plastic Pencil Box 4 Composition Notebook (only) Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green 6 composition notebooks (wide-rule, hard covered) 1 anti-bacterial wipe
2 Box of Kleenex 1 pack of 20 (# 2 Pencils) 3 Plastic Folders - Red, Blue, and Green 4 plastic pocket folders (red, blue, yellow, and green)(2 with metal clasps) Pencil Plastic Box (1) Pencil Pouch with Zipper (1) 4 book covers
1 Clorox Disinfecting wipes 10 Elmer Glue Sticks 2 packs Handwriting Tablet paper 5 Pkgs 24ct sharpened pencils 1 pack of index cards
1 pkg. Playdoh 1 Blunt Scissors 1 Water paints w/ paint brush 2 erasers 12” Ruler (inches and cent.) 2 pack of highlighters
1 PLASTIC (not paper) Pocket Folders for homework Extra clothes (seasonal) – pants, shirt, socks and underwear /t-shirt Flat twin sheet labeled with your Childs’ name (will be used over cot). Small blanket (child-size) labeled with your child’s name Optional: Child-size pillow labeled with your child’s name 1 (3 inch) Three Ring Binders (any color) 1 Paint shirt 2 Elmer’s liquid glue 1 lrg pkg. of construction paper
1 Ziploc Big Bag –for storage of bedding. 1 Packets Sheet protectors 1 Crayola markers 3 Elmer’s Large Glue sticks Clipboard (99cents walmart) 2 large glue sticks
Daily Supplies Needed 1 Composition Book 2 crayons Scissors 12 colored pencils 1 pkg. wide markers
Large backpack – for mailbox items (papers, notes for home, etc.) 1 Primary Journal (early creative story journal) 4 Elmer glue sticks 1 Basic calculator Plain blue or white hijab for prayer (girls) Gym shoes 1 pkg. thin markers
Students who are not on School lunch program need – Lunch box-Nutritious lunch (hot or cold), snack, milk and Juice. Microwave on site – 1 minute warm-up only, no cooking. All children must bring milk with their lunch due to licensing dietary guidelines 2 Large Pink Erasers 3 boxes of #2 pencils (recommended Ticonderoga) 1 Fiskar brand Scissors 2 packs pf dry eras markers
All children should wear Velcro shoes every day for easy shoe removal & slip on. 1 Box of Crayola Washable Markers 4 Big pink eraser Calculator Wooden ruler Hijab plain white or navy blue (girls only) 2 bx. 24 ct Crayola crayons Crayola Markers (large size) 1 set colored pencils
Donations Needed Liquid soap Straws 5 oz. Dixie cups 1 packet of Assorted Colors Crayola Construction Papers 2 Clorox wipes 1 Clorox Disinfecting wipes 1 2-inch black 3-ring binder
2 Green PLASTIC pocket folders 2 bxs. Kleenex tissue 2 bx Facial tissue Water color paint 1 set water color paint w/brush
2 Boxes of Crayola Crayons Arabic 2 yellow highlighters 1 pencil pouch
2 Writing Tablets 1 Composition Notebook 1 pack Handwriting paper grade2 (Lakeshore store) 1 personal white board Headphones
2 RED Mead five star stay-put folders 1 Plastic Yellow Folder 1 Large pkg. 12 x 18 construction paper, assorted colors (Lakeshore store) Plastic Bag containing: 2 plastic folders (Black)
2 non-Clorox Disinfecting 2 Erasers 10 pennies, 10 nickels, 10 dimes, 4 quarters Old Shirt for painting Package Ziploc bags Liquid Soap Headphones to use on computer (ear buds) Language Arts 3 red composition Notebooks
2 Water Color/Paint Trays 1 Crayon Box Math
1 blue composition notebook
1 bx Tissue/Kleenex 1 Packet Construction Paper 1 calculator (TI-15)
Arabic 1 Composition Notebook 6 Glue Sticks 1 ruler (CM & IN)
1 Plastic Yellow Folder 1 non-plastic compass
2 Erasers
2 green composition notebook
1 Crayon Box Social Studies
1 yellow composition notebook
1 Packet Construction Paper Arabic
1 plastic pocket folder (blue)
6 Glue Sticks 2 composition notebooks
Plain Navy Blue or White Hijab for girls required for Prayer 1 pack of pencils (wooden)
Extra one pair of clean (any color) shirt, pants and underpants and socks in a big Ziploc bag with name labeled, to be kept at school in case of emergency 1 book cover
Please note that all of the school supplies will be kept at school and will be shared. It is highly recommended that parents should have a pencil box with sharpened pencils, a box of crayons, glue stick and a blunt scissor for their child at home also. Islamic Studies/Quran
1 orange plastic pocket folders
2 composition notebook (plain, no pictures) 1 book cover
Fifth Grade Sixth – Tenth Grade Eleventh Grade
General: Backpack
General: 1 Fiskars scissors
Science: Notebook
Eleventh Grade

Islamic Studies:
2 Folders
Twelfth Grade

Islamic Studies:
2 Folders
Hifz (2-5 Grade)

1 Spiral Notebook
1 Plastic homework Folder
2 bxs Tissue
2 pks. of 20 pencils
3 Pens - black or blue
1 Clorox Disinfectant Wipes
2 Hand Sanitizer
1 Fiskars scissors
2 Large boxes of Kleenex
3 Large boxes of tissues
1 Clorox wipes
A binder with college ruled loose-leaf papers and graph paper. Miscellaneous school supplies such as pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, etc…
1 Clorox wipes
4 Book covers Index card notebook
A binder that will be used for the science fair
4 Book covers
2 Yellow highlighters
A packet of sheet protectors
1 Packs Index cards (3”x5” lined)
1 pkg. of loose leaf paper (200 count, wide lined) Do not open
Language Arts:
4 pk Highlighters (different colors
6 Plain pocket folders (no metal clasp inside) Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Purple
3 blue/black pens for corrections College ruled loose-leaf Paper (2 packets)
1 pkg. of Loose leaf paper (200 ct, wide lined) Do not open
6 Wide-lined single subject spiral notebooks Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple
1 single subject notebook
1 Lrg pkg. construction paper (12x18 multi-colored)
1 Large pkg. 12 x 18 construction paper, assorted colors
Writing supplies: pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, etc. A one-inch, three-ring binder with 5 tab dividers. Tabs will be marked in class
2 Large glue sticks Water-based markers Set of 8 wide Set of 8 thin
4 oz. Bottle of white school glue
Colored pencils, glue stick, scissors, tape
1 Sm, covered pencil sharpener
6 Large glue sticks
Water-based markers
Set of 8 wide Set of 8 thin
One plastic folder with two-pockets to keep homework assignments and papers
1 set of 12 Colored pencils
Sm Covered pencil sharpener
Compact dictionary (available from Wal-Mart/Target, etc.) It should not be pocket sized! Suggested books: Webster’s New World Compact School and Office dictionary or Webster’s
4 Refillable mechanical pencils (.7 mm) Plenty of .7 m lead 1 2-inch 3-ring binder (black) Clean sock
Set of 12 Colored pencils Backpack
2 Notebooks
1 set Water colors paint w/brush
3 Red pens
2 Folders
1 Pencil pouch (to fit in 3-ring binder)
1 USB key (flash drive) (min. 512MB)
Clear 12 in ruler (marked in both inches and centimeters)
Language Arts - Orange
2 Composition notebooks - orange 1 Plastic folder - orange
Plastic Pencil pouch/box
Clear protractor
Language Arts - Orange
2 Composition notebooks - orange
5 Pkgs. 24 count real wooden pencils sharpened (no mechanical pencils)
Metal compass
1 Plastic folder - orange
Additional one inch 3 ring binder (any type) for recording test
Graph paper or notebook
Social Studies - Yellow
Spiral notebook - yellow
1 Plastic folder - yellow
Clean sock or dry erase erase
Sixth – Scientific calculator
Math - Blue
1 Spiral Notebook - blue
Water colors paint
Seventh Grade - Scientific calculator
1 plastic folder - blue
NEW Plain white t-shirt that fits your child for a class project (not a paint shirt!)
Eighth Grade - Graphic calculator (TI-84 or CAS)
Ninth - Scientific/Graphing calculator(TI-84 or CAS)
1 student calculator (TI-15)
Small dry erase board
Tenth -Scientific/Graphic calculator (TI-84 or CAS)
1 12 inch ruler (inches/ centimeters
1 Compass (not plastic)
Science - Green
1 Spiral Notebook – green
1 composition notebooks - green
1 plastic folder – green

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