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About the Hifz Program!

The most important part in the program, it will depend on the ability and reading level for each student. Each student will have 20-30 munities in the beginning of the day for revision to warm up, then the students will be called one by one to pass their lesson and to take the new assignments, each student will read the new lesson for the Teacher to make sure his/her reading is acceptable before practicing, then the student will listen to the Quran through the Surface devices in the Quran lap.

We will follow the Cumulative way to review previous lessons, so the Students will daily pass the new lesson with the last 4 previous lessons to confirm his/her memorization. There will be a one weekly period for old memorizations that was passed in the past.
Indeed, applying the rules of the Tajweed will be through daily practicing with the Teacher to make sure each student pronounces the Quran correctly through articulation points and implementation the rules. But also there will be a theoretical Tajweed class once a week for studying the terms and definitions of the rules.
Quranic Studies
The program won’t focus only on memorization, but Tafseer will be added 4 times a week. The class should cover the general meaning and learning new vocabularies from the Quran. We chose the 30th Part (Juza’ Aamm) to be taught in the first semester, and some chosen chapters (Suras) to be taught in the second semester. Arabic language will be taught through this session, we will focus on Arabic Quranic words to help for understanding the holy Quran.

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