Welcome to the Hifz Program!
Our Mission
The mission of the Al-Amal School’s Hifz Program is to develop committed lifelong-learning Huffaz who will memorize, understand, and implement the Holy Qur’an in their daily life, and who are contributing citizens and community leaders.
Our Vision
Offer a choice to parents in the Twin Cities and suburbs to enroll their children in a world class comprehensive Hifz program along with rigorous core academic subjects.
Our Instructor

       Sheikh Mahmuod Youssof Ellaboudy was born in Alexandria, Egypt. He has a bachelor degree in Education and diploma from the Preachers institute, He memorized the Quran then got the Ijazah of reading the ten styles of Qira’at.

    He worked as a teacher in Al-Azhar as well as many of Quran institutes in Egypt. Then he moved to the United States and worked in many schools and Islamic centers, he lectured Tajweed at Islamic University of Minnesota as well as supervised the Ijazah Program, he was also the principal of Al-Jazari institute for Qur’anic studies and the supervisor of the Ijazah Program. Sheikh Mahmoud helped in establishing the Hifz Program at Al-Amal school in Fridley and he is supervising it.

   Sheikh Mahmoud taught the Holy Quran for many students from different backgrounds and they completed memorizing the Quran by his assist. He wrote some articles and little researches that cover strategies teaching the Quran and how to ease the Quran memorization especially for those who are non-Arabic speakers.



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