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2017-2018 Calendar

This calendar shows the starting and closing dates of the school including other key school closing dates. A detailed calendar with other activities will be provided at the beginning of school. If there are
any changes in these dates, the school will give as much advance notice as possible.

Q1 = 44 days
Q2 = 44 days
Q3 = 44 days
Q4 = 43 days
Total = 174

Quarter One

Sept 5 (Tues)                       First Day of School

Sept 15 (Fri)                             Dot Day

Sept 18 (Mon)                          Respect Day

Sept 21 (Thurs)                        International Day of Peace

Sept 22 (Fri)                             First Day of Muharam

Sept 29 (Fri)                             Elementary Assembly

Oct 2 (Mon)                              World Day of Bullying Prevention

Oct 2 (Mon)                              Custodial Work Day

Oct 2-Oct 27 (Mon-Fri)          Fall NWEA Testing

Oct 5 (Thurs)                            World Teachers Day

Oct 7 (Sat)                                 Adopt-A-Highway

Oct 7 (Sat)                                 SAT Testing

Oct 14 (Sat)                               PSAT Testing

Oct 19-20 (Thurs-Fri)      Education MN Professional Conference

Oct 27 (Fri)                               Cranky Co-Workers Day (for fun)

Oct 27 (Fri)                               Elementary Assembly

Oct 28 (Sat)                              Parent’s Night

Nov 1 (Wed)                             Pictures Day (PS 5 Days, 3 Days, KG-10)

Nov 2 (Thurs)                          Pictures Day (PS 2 Days, PSEO)

Nov 4 (Fri)                               SAT Testing

Nov 5 (Sat)                               Day Light Savings

Nov 7 (Tues)                        END OF FIRST QUARTER

44 days


Quarter Two

Nov 8 (Wed)                            Start Of Second Quarter

Nov 10 (Fri)                         NO SCHOOL – Grading/Teacher In-Service Day

Nov 15 (Wed)                           Islamic Studies Trivia Competition

Nov 16 (Mon)                           World Kindness Day

Nov 18 (Sat)                              NHS Induction Ceremony (3:00-8:00 pm)

Nov 20 (Mon)                           Universal Children’s Day

Nov 22 (Wed)                      NO SCHOOL – Parent/Teacher Conferences 

Nov 23-24 (Thurs-Fri)     NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving

Nov 30 (Thurs)                        Elementary Assembly

Dec 2 (Sat)                                SAT Testing

Dec 3-Feb 28 (Mon-Thurs)   Winter 2015 NWEA (Optional for some students)

Dec 7 (Thurs)                           Picture Retake

Dec 8 (Fri)                                Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

Dec 18 (Mon)                           Arabic Language Day

Dec 19-20 (Tues-Wed)          Arabic Story Competition Day

Dec 20 (Wed)                          Elementary Assembly

Dec 22 (Fri)                         NO SCHOOL – Grading/Teacher In-Service Day

Dec 25 – Jan 1                    NO SCHOOL – Winter Break

Jan 15 (Mon)                      NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King Day

Jan 17 (Wed)                           Kid Inventor’s Day

Jan 22-24 (Mon-Wed)          High School Semester 1 Exams

Jan 24  (Wed)                    END OF SECOND QUARTER

44 days

Quarter Three

Jan 25 (Thurs)                         Start of Third Quarter

Jan 26 (Fri)                              Elementary Assembly

Jan 29 (Mon)                      NO SCHOOL – Grading/Teacher In-Service Day

Jan 30 – Feb 1 (Tue-Thu)    School Science Fair / Middle & High School

Feb 1-28 (Thurs-Wed)          Black History Month

Feb 1st (Thurs)                        World Hijab Day

Feb 5-9 (Mon-Fri)                  Scholastic Book Fair

Feb 9 (Fri)                           NO SCHOOL – Parent/Teacher Conferences (10:30 am – 6:00 pm)

Feb 19 (Mon)                           Regular School Day

Feb 23 (Fri)                              Elementary Assembly

Feb 24 (Sat)                             Central MN Regional Science Fair and Research Paper Program

Feb 26 (Mon)                          Arabic Poet’s Competition

Mar 1-30 (Thurs-Fri)            Walk the Halls (Open House for New Families)

Mar 2 (Fri)                               Read Across America Day / Day of Unplugging

Mar 5 (Fri)                               Fun Facts About Names Day

Mar 7- Apr 13 (Tues-Fri)      MCA-II: Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (Grades 3-8, 10)

Mar 10 (Sat)                            SAT Testing

Mar 11 (Sun)                           Day Light Savings

Mar 12 (Mon)                         Plant a Flower Day

Mar 21 (Wed)                         Elementary Science Fair

Mar 22 (Fri)                           World Water Day

Mar 22 (Fri)                           Elementary Assembly

Mar 24-27 (Sat-Tues)          MN State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF)

Mar 29 (Thurs)                END OF THIRD QUARTER

44 days

Quarter Four 

Mar 30 (Fri)                      NO SCHOOL – Grading/Teacher In-Service Day

Apr 2-6 (Mon-Fri)           NO SCHOOL – Spring Break

Apr 9 (Mon)                           Start of Fourth Quarter

Apr 9 (Mon)                           Arabic Spelling Bee Competition

Apr 10 (Tues)                         Library Workers Days

Apr 11-12 (Wed-Thurs)        Quran Competition

Apr 12 (Thurs)                       Picture Day (All School Panoramic)- This date could change

Apr 18-19 (Wed-Thurs)       Qur’an Competition (Grades K-10)

Apr 20 (Fri)                            Volunteer Recognition Day

Apr 20-22 (Fri-Sun)             5th Grade Eagle Bluff Camp Trip

Apr 23 (Mon)                         World Book Day

Apr 25 (Wed)                         Administrative Professionals Day

Apr 27 (Fri)                            Elementary Assembly

May 3 (Thurs)                        Arabic Day/Arabic Language Day

May 3 (Thurs)                        Two Different Colored Shoes Day (for fun)

May 4 (Fri)                         NO SCHOOL – Grading/Teacher In-Service Day

May 5 (Sat)                             SAT Testing

May 5-7 (Fri-Sat)                  5th Grade Eagle Bluff Trip

May 9 (Wed)                          Spring Adopt-A-Highway- This date could slightly change

May 10 (Wed)                        School Nurse Day

May 15 (Tues)                        Expected First Day of Ramadan

May 18 (Fri)                           Quran Ceremony

May 19 (Say)                      Al-Amal Fundraising Dinner

May 24 (Thurs)                     Pre-K Graduation Ceremony

May 25 (Fri)                           Elementary Assembly

May 28 (Mon)                   NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day

Jun 2 (Sat)                             SAT Testing

Jun 4-6 (Mon-Wed)            High School Semester 2 Exams

Jun 7 (Thurs)                        Sports Day

Jun 8 (Fri)                         Award Ceremony

Jun 8 (Fri)                         Last day of school for students – No Uniform (1/2 Day – School out at 12:30 pm)

Jun 8 (Fri)                              End of Fourth Quarter

43 days

June 9                                 Graduation Ceremony

Jun 13 (Wed)                        Last day of school for Teachers


Board Meetings are held on every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 7:00 – 9:00 pm except in Ramadan.

Please check with the school office for any schedule changes in dates or events.

Al-Amal notifies the school closing due to bad weather through One-Call system, by dialing in to school’s voicemail, and posted on media (WCCO) notifications.

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