Early History

Al-Amal School started in September of 1994 and was founded by parents and community members who wanted an alternative to public schools for their children. This group of four parents and one community member founded the school and became the first governing board of Al-Amal School.

Without many resources and only a $5000 donation, prescription the school started in the homes of two of the board members, who were also teachers. The preschool was conducted in the Minneapolis town home of the preschool teacher, and the elementary school, at that time kindergarten through fourth grade, was conducted in the duplex home of the elementary teacher in St. Paul. The first year of the elementary school, the teacher and her family lived on the upper level of the duplex, and the first floor level was the school. The second year, the school occupied both the first and second floors while the family lived in the second floor bedrooms.

The first year of the elementary school the teacher taught math, language arts, social studies, science, and her husband taught Arabic and Quran for kindergarten through 2nd grades. There were parent volunteers to help at the school the first year. There were 12 students the first year. The second year the number of students increased to 29. Two parents stepped forward to help teach at the school, so the staff increased to 3 teachers (one responsible for English and math; another for social studies and science; and the other for Arabic and Quran; Islamic studies was integrated in all the subjects).

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