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Welcome to the Hifz Program!

Admission is open to students in third, fourth, and fifth grades. Priority is given to students currently enrolled at Al-Amal School.

  • Qur’an and related subjects (Four to five periods per day)
  • Math and Language Arts (One period each per day)
  • Science and Social Studies (Offered during summer)
  • Physical Education and Library periods

Able to independently read from the Holy Qur’an (Kitab/Mushaf).
Academically at or above grade level.
Students must possess the personal qualities that will allow them to adhere to the program’s high standards for Islamic behavior and discipline.
Instructor will test all applicants prior to admissions into the program.
Parents and students will be called for an admissions interview.
Parents need to fill out and sign the Hifz/Ijazah program application and agreement.

Our Vision
Offer a choice to parents in the Twin Cities and suburbs to enroll their children in a world class comprehensive Hifz/Ijazah program along with rigorous core academic subjects.
Our Mission
The mission of the Al-Amal School’s Hifz/Ijazah Program is to develop committed lifelong-learning Huffaz who will memorize, understand, and implement the Holy Qur’an in their daily life, and who are contributing citizens and community leaders.

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