Early History


Mrs. Audrey Zahra Williams, Principal

As-Salaam Alaikum (Greetings of Peace),

Al-Amal School is an accredited (NCA AdvancEd) preschool through 12th grade, private Islamic school in Minnesota.
At the inception of Al-Amal, the community at large was looking for a school that would encourage Muslim children to learn
and live their Deen. The school is an alternative for families that want more than the public or private school education.
The environment of Al-Amal School is one of community. We are allowed to follow our prayers, and worship Allah (swt) freely.
Our focus is on Quran and Sunnah and to produce a generation of Muslims with a strong understanding of Tawheed, Islamic moral
character, leadership skills, and be able to interact in the global community. We want our students to grow up to be confident
in their Islam and be good citizens of the World.

Al-Amal School encourages students to volunteer and do community service. Programs have been established for nursing home visits,
orphan sponsorship, volunteering in the community and at school in many capacities, giving Khutbahs during Friday prayers, etc.
Many students are at the forefront of organizing programs at the school and community levels: Hifz Review Program; tutoring
elementary and middle school students; helping organizations with local Islamic conferences and workshops; helping families in
need by volunteering at the local food shelf; organizing and visiting sick children at the hospital; and organizing a Festival
of Islamic Nations.

Our college preparatory curriculum taught by committed teachers helps provide high academic standards throughout the school and
grade levels. Our 11th and 12th grade students participate in rigorous college classes as post-secondary students in local community
colleges, private colleges and universities, and the University of Minnesota while continuing to take Islamic studies at the school.
The school is proud of its accomplishments in educating young Muslim minds. May Allah (swt) bless those that continue to work hard in this
cause, and to continue to seek knowledge throughout their lives.

Mrs. Williams, Principal

Mrs. Williams Bio:

Mrs. Williams is one of the founders of Al-Amal School and its first administrator. For more than 25 years
she has been involved in different capacities in private educational institutions. Her philosophy in
education is to provide a nurturing school culture conducive to students’ reaching their full potential
Islamically, academically, and socially while enjoying the education process. Educated at Macalester
College (St. Paul, Minnesota) and the University of Illinois (Chicago, Illinois), she holds a Masters in
Educational Leadership and Administration, and an undergraduate degree in child studies, education, and

Since 1992, she has been in administration, or has been teaching, at Islamic schools in Minnesota, Illinois,
and Ohio. Most recently, she was the principal of the Islamic Foundation School (IFS), one of the largest
Islamic schools in the nation with 750 students. She was also the principal of Universal School, Toledo Islamic
Academy, and MCC School.

Her interests include reading children’s books and promoting Islamic schools in the U.S. Her outside commitments
include being an educational consultant for the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), helping new Islamic schools
with principal and teacher development, and serving on the Board of the Council of Islamic Schools of North America
(CISNA). Sr. Zahra has served on the Illinois Department of Education Accreditation Teams, Advanced Ed – NCA (IL)
Accreditation Teams and Middle States Commission Team (NY) evaluating other Islamic schools.

 Mrs. Williams  can be reached at zahra.williams@al-amal.org or 763-571-8886.

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