New Admission Process – 2014-2015

2014 / 2015 New Admission Process

Dear Applicant,

As-Salaam Alaikum.

Welcome to Al-Amal School! We are pleased that you are interested in joining Al-Amal School for the 2014/2015 School Year. Al-Amal School has now initiated the new admissions (or enrollment), and we encourage you to complete the online application and advance to the next steps. We look forward to assist you throughout the admission process.

Please review carefully the following steps for the new admission process:

  1. New Admission Application: Al-Amal School utilizes an online application for new admissions or enrollments. It’s a secure website through TADS at As a first step, this link will connect you directly with TADS and ask you to set up a family ID and account. Be sure to note the email address and password that you are using.  You will need to log into TADS for other steps in this process.  The website will then guide you to complete the entire application. If you are enrolling a sibling of an existing Al-Amal student, please log in with the same ID and click the Admission tab. Please do not hesitate to contact the school’s admission office directly at 763-231-9701 if you need assistance.
  2. New Admission Fee: The new student admission fee is $100/applicant. It’s non-refundable and must be submitted at the time of completing the online new admission application before the school can initiate the next enrollment steps.
  3. Tuition Rates and Schedule: Al-Amal School Board and Administration are finalizing the Tuition Rates and Schedule for the next school year, but you can review the previous year’s schedule located on Al-Amal website at and click on Admissions.
  4. Tuition Aid: Al-Amal School offers limited Tuition Aid to a few qualifying families based on various factors such as family income, academic performance, and good behavior in his/her previous school. Parents interested in Tuition Aid have to apply through the same TADS website. Your new admission application is considered incomplete unless all required information for tuition aid is submitted. Please note, completing the TADS application, or meeting the qualification, does not guarantee that you will receive the Tuition Aid automatically.
  5. Application Submission/Required Documents: In addition to submitting the on-line application and fee, the applicants are required to submit the following applicable documents to advance the admission process. The admission process is incomplete if the school does not receive the required documents before scheduling an exam.

Required documents should be faxed to TADS at 612-548-3323 prior to scheduling a test date.

  • Birth certificate (All new applicants)
  • Immunizations (All new applicants)
  • Healthcare Summary Form (PreSchool students only).  This document is filled out by a physician.  Please allow plenty of time for this form to be completed.
  • Recommendation Letter on Character from Administration, Counselor or Teacher (All new applicants K-12)

Al-Amal School will request the following:

  • Copy of school transcripts transferring from other school that shows year to date classes and GPA.
  • Copy of the most recent NWEA, MCA, and/or IOWA Basic records from the previous year or any out of state standardized testing report.
  • Copy of behavioral report and any health reports.

Al-Amal School holds the right to directly receive transcripts and behavioral reports from the transferring school.

  1. Take Admission Exams: All students, KG -12th, are required to take an entrance exam. Pre-school applicants go through a separate evaluation process by the Administration.  Pre-school children should have cognitive ability to interact and accept instructions, and must be potty trained.  Kindergarten students will take a one-on-one Language Arts (English) and Math tests. You will be notified by phone call or email to set up a date for Kindergarten testing.  Admission testing grades 1-10:  Al-Amal School will use the NWEA testing from 2014/2015 school year.  More information with testing information will be emailed to you soon.  All required documents must be submitted prior to scheduling testing.Documents should be faxed to TADS at 612-548-3323.
  2. Interview with Administration: All new applicants and parents go through the interview process with the school Principal as a final step. The Admission Office will schedule the interview process.
  3. Acceptance and Approval: After passing the new admission requirements, the Admission Office will notify you through email or phone.  Information will include the deadline for parents to pay the advanced deposit in order for the school to hold the seat for the applicant.
  4. Enrollment and Admittance: Parents must pay a $500 Non-refundable Advance Deposit to confirm and hold a seat in class for the applicant.  Seats are first come first serve, so paying the non-refundable advance deposit as soon as the student has been accepted is encouraged.  Being accepted to Al-Amal School does not guarantee a seat for the student.  Paying the Non-refundable Advance Deposit is what locks in a seat for your child.

Any Admissions questions can be directed to the admission office to Terri @ 763-231-9701. Insha’Allah, we look forward to assisting you in this process.


Audrey Zahra Williams


For information on Tuition and Fees, visit our Tuition page.