Al-Amal School is a private school and it relies on tuition to pay for the school operation and salaries. Prompt payments on time by parents are crucial to ensure school meets its financial obligations.

Tuition and Fees

  • New Admission Application Fee (Non-Refundable):

Pre-K-5th Grade – $125 Per Applicant

6th-8th Grade – $275 Per Applicant

9th-12th Grade – $500 Per Applicant

  • Advanced Deposit: If admitted prior to July 1st, discount viagra new students are expected to pay $250 as advanced deposit towards next year tuition, viagra  but are expected to pay the first full installment if admitted after this date.
  • Total Tuition Fee: Al-Amal School Total Tuition Fee per student includes the Tuition and all related Fees as defined in the year’s Tuition Rates and Schedule.
  • Sibling Discount: Second and third child discount on tuition applies only to KG to 10th grade. No sibling discount is applied to the PSEO and preschool students.
  • Late Fee: $30 late fee will be charged if the installment payment is not received by the monthly due date. Any payment that is returned for Non-Sufficient Fund will be charged $30 NSF fee.
  • Lunch Program & Other Fees: The Lunch Program, Field Trips, and after school activity fees are not included in the Total Tuition Fees. Please contact the School Office to get those details.
  • Past Due Payments: Student’s continued enrollment at Al-Amal School is contingent upon the school receiving timely payments from the parent/guardian.

Tuition Payment Options

  • Full Payment: Get 5% discount on total Tuition Fees by paying the entire annual tuition prior to the first day of the new school year.
  • Installment Payment: A maximum of ten installment payments are allowed in one school year. The first tuition fee payment is due in the middle of August 2016 and the final (tenth) payment is due in the middle of May 2017. For new students starting after the regular start of the school year, the annual tuition will be divided into 9 installment payments. The school does not prorate the tuition fees any further. First tuition installment is due on or before the first day of the class.